Max Neissendorfer


"It was an evening with Jazz of the superlative. It was right almost everything. (...) the finest … jazz in europe can provide.” 
(Harz Kurier/ Osterode - translated from german)

Sinatra Tribute Band & Max Neissendorfer

"Winter Wonderland"

(…) Winter Wonderland shines through ... effective fresh arrangements and a singer who can actually swing.
Jazzthing – November 2013 - translated from german

(…) "Winter Wonderland" pays homage to the great entertainment model with a strong sense of show elements - a playful production …
Jazz Podium – Dezember 2013  - translated from german

Awarded as Bayern 2 „FAVORIT“!
Bayerischer Rundfunk – Dezember 2013 - translated from german


Sinatra Tribute Band & Max Neissendorfer – ALL THE WAY

(…) It contains seventeen songs, once sung by the legendary singer all sung by Neissendorfer and backed by a septet of outstanding musicians. (…) They don’t copy the master, but use their highly professional quality and passion to create a very own sound of the highest quality. This is vocal jazz as it should be and I think this band deserves better than being called a tribute band …
FolkWorld - March 2011

(…) have recorded on their namesake on an impeccable homage. Band and vocals are excellent. (...) Even where the arrangements thankfully moving away somewhat from the original, the project in Sinatra remains (…)
Jazz Podium – Feb. 2011  translated from german

Nominated for the  Swiss Jazz Award!
Januar 2011